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[00:00:58] #cajs - Mon Jun 17 00:00:58 2019
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[00:17:51] <@Relay> [telegram] <Tedster> [Thanks to xalex]@shitpost:
[00:19:25] <@Relay> [telegram] <Tedster>
[00:43:40] <@Relay> [telegram] <Tedster>
[00:43:41] <@Relay> [telegram] <Tedster>
[01:57:47] <@Relay> [telegram] <Tedster>
[04:49:53] <@Relay> [telegram] <Tedster>
[08:26:14] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs>
[08:26:22] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> They're in the normal battery market now
[08:26:49] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> They're not even rechargeable ones tho
[14:32:23] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Finally got the agreement from boss to switch from Sendgrid to SES
[14:32:34] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> so much cheaper per month now we're sending more than 40k emails
[14:38:05] <@Relay> [telegram] <notTom> nice
[14:39:20] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Yeah, think its a good move
[14:39:37] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> I really like sendgrid, but pricing wise, it's more expensive
[14:39:50] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> and cause i decided to take boss' job with 30% profit, im cutting costs whereever possible xD
[14:40:04] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> £200/m -> £25 seems a no brainer
[14:43:03] <@Relay> [telegram] <notTom> 👌
[14:47:37] <@Relay> [telegram] <notTom> WeTransfer down 🙁
[14:47:44] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Loads of things down atm
[14:48:16] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> I  get 504 gateway timeouts on a few things
[14:48:31] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs>
[15:08:20] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs>
[15:08:39] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs>
[17:08:48] <@Relay> [telegram] <AndrewBurns> Thought I'd load Minecraft again:
[18:55:45] <@Relay> [telegram] <Kris545545> Cat filter accidentally used in Pakistani minister’s live press conference
[18:55:45] <@Relay> [telegram] <Kris545545>
[18:55:46] <@Relay> [telegram] <Kris545545>
[19:12:49] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> I can't view any comments any more: