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[00:00:11] #cajs - Sat Feb 23 00:00:11 2019
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[00:00:14] * Set by Cajs! on Mon Dec 26 22:49:16
[10:32:51] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Got beaten up 👌
[10:32:53] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs>
[10:32:57] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Literally can't see now
[10:32:59] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Fun life
[10:45:17] <@Relay> [telegram] <Kris545545> @camcajs are you ok?
[10:46:18] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Sort of. Just imagine living life at 140p
[10:46:29] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Then you understand life right now aga
[10:49:48] <@Relay> [telegram] <Kris545545> ah
[11:11:13] <@Relay> [telegram] <Weliz_Music> What did ya do mate? (re @camcajs: )
[11:17:51] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Basically....
[11:17:59] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> At the taxi rank. You get given a number
[11:18:06] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> That defines the order you collect a taxi in
[11:18:28] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> It was my turn so I was outside the taxi telling him where I wanted to go
[11:18:34] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Then I got punched in the side
[11:18:42] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Of my face
[11:19:02] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> I turned around. The guy puches me again in the face
[11:19:11] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> And then my glasses are done by this point
[11:19:14] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> See pic above
[11:19:36] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> I take another few punches. Then the taxi driver says 'which one of you is getting in a taxi, I ain't got all day'
[11:19:56] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> I landed a few punches in return but I couldn't see so not as many as he did
[11:20:08] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Then he left in the taxi and that was that
[11:23:07] <@Relay> [telegram] <Weliz_Music> So, a foken asshole
[11:33:37] <@Relay> [discord] <Ferb> An absolute dick
[12:18:27] <@Relay> [discord] <Ferb>
[13:56:05] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Just spent £900 😢 😢 😢
[13:56:07] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Ripppp
[14:03:09] <@Relay> [discord] <Ferb> When do they arrive?
[14:09:43] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> 3-4 weeks
[14:10:08] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs>
[14:10:28] <@Relay> [telegram] <notTom> Ouch
[14:10:36] <@Relay> [telegram] <notTom> You getting a cheap temp pair?
[14:13:54] <@Relay> [discord] <Ferb> I can sell you a couple of jam jars to tide you over @Cajs
[14:20:29] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Nah (re @notTom: You getting a cheap temp pair?)
[14:20:34] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> That's just one pair
[14:20:49] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Still got £400 and summin to pay when I pick em up
[14:20:54] <@Relay> [telegram] <notTom> You have spare?
[14:21:03] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> I got my sunglasses
[14:21:09] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> But they're polarising lenses
[14:21:12] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Which fucks with screens
[14:21:21] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Well lcds
[14:21:24] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Which my home pc js
[14:21:25] <@Relay> [telegram] <notTom> Living with that for 3-4 weeks?
[14:21:28] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Yep (re @notTom: Living with that for 3-4 weeks?)
[14:21:32] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Best I can do tbh
[14:21:34] <@Relay> [telegram] <notTom> Ouch
[14:21:36] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> I have a really old pair
[14:21:46] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> Every time I put them on tho I get a headache
[14:21:55] <@Relay> [telegram] <camcajs> So can only wait for short bursts
[14:32:11] <@Relay> [discord] <Cajs> Jam jars 😂 @Ferb