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[00:00:03] #epic - Mon Jun 24 00:00:03 2019
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[00:00:03] * Topic is ':(#^~^)/) Welcome to #Epic, the home of Land of Kittens! ~ ~ Our new home is on Discord, why not come and see? --> ~ Cookies for everyone! ((^~^#)'
[00:00:03] * Set by EpicKitty! on Thu Nov 08 12:11:54
[00:46:46] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> @EpicCraft Player, Just a notice. Please don't go giving the server IP to random people. They need to be part of LoK to play on the server. For this reason, the whitelist has been re-enabled and anyone who has played reacently on the new server has already been added to it
[01:22:37] <@EB> [discord] <Marie> :pingnom:
[02:36:07] * FreeFull ( Quit ()
[02:38:50] * FreeFull ( has joined #Epic
[02:38:51] * Faerie sets mode: +v FreeFull
[02:51:36] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> So this is actually what EpicCraft is made for
[02:51:36] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty>
[02:51:45] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> And yeah, this is a 20mb image
[03:27:22] <+Miga> wouldn't have been able to tell it was a 20mb image unless you pointed it out tbh
[05:29:05] <@EB> [discord] <Kitty> ^fusion mewtwo voltorb
[06:05:56] <@EB> [discord] <Andrio Celos> ^fusion Bulbasaur Voltorb
[06:06:37] <@EB> [discord] <Andrio Celos> Not quite
[09:02:09] <@EB> [discord] <Kitty> ^fusion * Voltorb
[09:02:24] <@EB> [discord] <Kitty> NOOT NOOOOOT
[09:38:08] <@EB> [discord] <techno156> ^fusion Shinx Skitty
[09:38:08] <@EB> [discord] <bakabotv2> The first pokemon is not valid!
[09:38:13] <@EB> [discord] <techno156> Rude