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[00:00:16] #epic - Mon Aug 10 00:00:16 2020
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[00:01:52] #Epic - Mon Aug 10 00:01:52 2020
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[21:25:16] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> :sgtquadpeepoviolin:
[21:25:55] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Welcome back sir
[21:26:09] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> MAN this AP keeps disconnecting from the controller when try updating doesn’t the controller grab the update then push it out to the AP :waitwhat:
[21:26:34] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> I still need to fuck about with my Ubi APs
[21:26:52] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> Lmfaoo I’m already regretting it should have went to cisco aironet
[21:26:59] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> I got the pro
[21:27:08] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Couldn't get them to go faster than my AP105s
[21:27:26] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> You probs been on older gen of aironet
[21:27:29] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> I've got some old Square ones that @UrbanDarkness donated to me
[21:27:49] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> Understandable I’m dumping meraki gonna get rid of the equipment
[21:28:08] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> Also these AP’s get quite warm
[21:28:30] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> If you end up dumping any switches, hmu
[21:28:40] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Mine is way too loud
[21:28:55] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> They’re old management switched  10/100 no use of them other than CCNA/CCNP
[21:29:03] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> Switches*
[21:29:19] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> I've got inline resistors on the fans to slow them down, still loud
[21:29:26] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> Lmfaooo
[21:29:36] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> I got new core and access switches coming
[21:29:39] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> They’re huge
[21:30:06] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> Now the AP is reporting back to the controller tf
[21:30:25] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Heh, sounds like they've got a mind of their own
[21:30:27] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> But still failed to apply the new firmware
[21:30:34] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> Yeah...
[21:30:46] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> I presumed the controller downloads the firmware then pushes it out
[21:30:51] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> But doesn’t look like it....
[21:31:17] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Shame Ubi doesn't come with serial
[21:31:43] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> The only use for that if you got a WLC and LWAP
[21:37:46] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> Bruh it was firewall
[21:37:51] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> :bash:
[22:32:44] <@EB> [discord] <Butch Da Clown™> lot of it requires you to get a unifi switch or the security gateway 🤢 thought it allowed all 3rd party support