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[00:00:06] #epic - Tue Feb 25 00:00:06 2020
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[00:00:06] * Topic is ':(#^~^)/) Welcome to #Epic, the home of Land of Kittens! ~ https://lok.space ~ Our new home is on Discord, why not come and see? --> https://lok.space/discord ~ Cookies for everyone! ((^~^#)'
[00:00:06] * Set by EpicKitty!~EpicKitty@dont.visit.this.domain.xn--up8hga.gq on Thu Nov 08 12:11:54
[00:06:01] <@EB> [telegram] <EpicKitty> What noise does a goose sound like falling out of a tree?
[00:06:12] <@EB> [telegram] <EpicKitty> Also
[00:06:12] <@EB> [telegram] <EpicKitty> Forwarded from EpicKitty: Fucking finally!: 
[00:09:32] <+Codetoil> idk lol
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[02:02:02] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> Richard, what's that?
[02:02:11] <@EB> [telegram] <watertriber> ur mom
[02:02:21] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> Ohh
[02:02:24] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> Nice
[02:02:30] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> Didn't know my mum was an app
[02:02:48] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> Also hi Jake <3
[02:04:40] <@EB> [telegram] <MrSlimeDiamond> Hmm: 
[02:05:28] <@EB> [telegram] <MrSlimeDiamond> My phone can work upside down, but it does not make the background upside down
[02:08:24] <@EB> [telegram] <watertriber> that's weird
[03:26:02] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> Who likes my pfp
[03:26:05] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> Thanks to mco trend
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[08:12:10] * Faerie sets mode: +v Arcanox
[08:12:20] <@EB> [telegram] <MrSlimeDiamond> sorry it's cursed ❤️: 
[08:47:23] <@EB> [telegram] <NQ156> Desertification gone wrong
[15:10:32] <@EB> [discord] <XxFTFreakxX> Anyone reads this is a spoon
[15:25:49] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> https://tenor.com/view/gag-spoon-bruce-almighty-jim-carrey-gif-11867766
[18:43:27] <@EB> [discord] <XxFTFreakxX> @UHC anyone for a game around 7:30pm - 8pmish UK time  - Richard suggested this
[18:43:36] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> no
[18:43:43] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> I'm tryingt o change a broken pfp
[18:45:04] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> and school
[18:45:27] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> There we go!
[18:49:06] <@EB> [discord] <XxFTFreakxX> We already knew you wouldn't be able too
[18:49:41] <@EB> [discord] <Miga> I liked your old one better
[18:57:12] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> Which old one
[18:57:35] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> I have had a couple of profile pictures after joining this server
[18:59:10] <@EB> [telegram] <MrSlimeDiamond> So upon walking out the door, I walk into a cobweb, and walking along the street a bee goes right past me, I normally don't have an issue with bees but my brain reacted as it didn't see it beforehand and I went ahwbfjdbdhre
[19:07:54] <@EB> [discord] <Miga> > Which old one
[19:07:54] <@EB> [discord] <Miga> @minecraft:slime_the_diamond T H E  V O I D
[19:08:04] <@EB> [discord] <SlimeDiamond> Lol
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[19:22:39] * Faerie sets mode: +v FreeFull
[19:23:04] <@EB> [telegram] <MrSlimeDiamond> 
[19:45:25] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> **Announcement:** Just thought I'd poke this again so that everyone has seen it. On Friday, we will be moving to a new logo! You've all got until then to vote on which one you'd prefer. I've attached the original announcement below for your convenience :) (With spelling corrections).
[19:45:25] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> 
[19:45:25] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> ----------------------------------------------------
[19:45:25] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> 
[19:45:31] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> As very few of you know: We are currently in the process of choosing a new logo for our community due to licensing issues with the current one. The moderators have narrowed down the options to just 3, but now the choice is up to you! Please choose your favourite from the following 3, voting will finish in 7 days (unless a clear winner is spotted before hand) at 28th Feb @ 23:00 UK Time.
[19:45:31] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> 
[19:45:33] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Logo Designs: https://i.imgur.com/P7W7Nkb.png
[19:45:34] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> 
[19:45:36] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Vote: https://www.strawpoll.me/19424603
[19:45:37] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> 
[19:45:39] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> This logo will be used for Discord, Telegram, Instagram, The website, Bots and much more! Choose Wisely!
[19:46:27] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Didn't want to see a wave of :pingsock: :BravePing: :thoran_ping:  this time so there's no @ :)
[20:11:01] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> On my way home atm
[20:17:04] <@EB> [discord] <TinyHotwing> oki
[21:04:23] <+AssTractionHero> u wot mate?
[21:04:53] <+AssTractionHero> This is me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mIj-jedeRA