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[00:00:49] #epic - Sun Aug 18 00:00:49 2019
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[00:00:49] * Topic is ':(#^~^)/) Welcome to #Epic, the home of Land of Kittens! ~ https://lok.space ~ Our new home is on Discord, why not come and see? --> https://lok.space/discord ~ Cookies for everyone! ((^~^#)'
[00:00:49] * Set by EpicKitty!~EpicKitty@dont.visit.this.domain.xn--up8hga.gq on Thu Nov 08 12:11:54
[00:28:09] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> k;help
[00:30:22] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> k;help
[00:30:23] <@EB> [discord] <Kyubey> / **EpicKitty** 人◕ ‿‿ ◕人 Check your dm's \
[00:30:34] <@EB> [discord] <Marie> Yay for Kyubey~!
[00:31:06] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> k;userinfo @Dennis (SomeMex)
[00:31:25] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Not too sure why the bot wasn't here as it was before
[00:31:29] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Time to find out who removed it
[00:32:16] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Ofc Discord doesn't allow you to go that far back
[00:32:26] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> k;osu EpicKitty
[01:35:45] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> k;userinfo @Meep
[02:12:28] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> o/
[02:12:28] <@EB> [discord] <owo> \o
[02:16:16] <@EB> [discord] <RevVs> UwU
[02:20:51] * FreeFull (~freefull@ Quit ()
[02:22:18] <@EB> [discord] <RevVs> k;userinfo @RevVs
[02:22:18] <@EB> [discord] <Kyubey> Oh no! An error occured! 
[02:22:18] <@EB> [discord] <Kyubey> ```diff
[02:22:19] <@EB> [discord] <Kyubey> - java.util.NoSuchElementException: List is empty.
[02:22:19] <@EB> [discord] <Kyubey> ```
[02:22:19] <@EB> [discord] <Kyubey> If you feel like this shouldn't have happened, please report it!
[02:22:25] <@EB> [discord] <RevVs> OOF
[04:04:27] <@EB> [discord] <Kazimier> o/
[04:04:28] <@EB> [discord] <owo> \o
[04:05:03] <@EB> [discord] <Marie> k;userinfo @Marie
[04:05:03] <@EB> [discord] <Kyubey> Sorry **Marie**, I couldn't find that user!
[04:05:32] <@EB> [discord] <Marie> Hmm... Time to go have a conversation with the dev.
[04:06:13] <@EB> [discord] <Marie> k;userinfo @Marie
[04:06:13] <@EB> [discord] <Kyubey> Sorry **Marie**, I couldn't find that user!
[07:18:49] * Hobby (Hobbyboy@jupiter.hobbyboy.uk) has joined #Epic
[07:18:49] * Faerie sets mode: +o Hobby
[10:56:09] * FreeFull (~freefull@ has joined #Epic
[10:56:09] * Faerie sets mode: +v FreeFull
[11:02:28] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> 
[11:02:28] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/266009835684757504/612587110305628170/unknown.png
[12:11:57] * FreeFull (~freefull@ Quit ()
[12:43:00] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> @RevVs Hello sir, how'd you find this place? :p
[12:47:17] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Oh... you seem to be a friend of @Dennis (SomeMex)
[12:47:29] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> sh yrd
[12:47:32] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> ah yes
[12:47:45] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> And you never through of ranking them :O
[12:47:47] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Bad Mex
[12:48:04] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> done
[12:48:05] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> 😛
[12:48:11] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> 😛
[12:48:25] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> it was like 2am
[12:48:28] <@EB> [discord] <SomeMex> okie
[12:48:54] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Fair enough, you've been excused... this time
[14:23:25] <@EB> [discord] <Kazimier> @EpicKitty
[14:23:27] <@EB> [discord] <Kazimier> @EpicKitty
[14:23:32] <@EB> [discord] <Kazimier> 😛
[14:23:35] <@EB> [discord] <Kazimier> P
[14:23:41] <@EB> [discord] <Kazimier> 😛
[14:24:02] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> The fuck do you want?
[14:24:11] <@EB> [discord] <Kazimier> To ping you
[14:24:21] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Fuck off lol 😛
[14:24:26] <@EB> [discord] <Kazimier> NOU!
[14:25:51] <@EB> [discord] <Kazimier> @EpicKitty
[14:25:56] <@EB> [discord] <Kazimier> 😀
[14:33:25] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Where did I put that damn Ban Hammer?
[14:33:30] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> I know I left it around here somewher
[14:33:32] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> I know I left it around here somewhere (edited)
[14:34:16] <@EB> [discord] <Hobbyboy> 🔨 ?
[14:34:39] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Nah, the one I'm looking for is much bigger
[14:34:57] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> And can only be wield by those who earned it
[14:36:05] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> :banhammer:
[14:36:09] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> There's one of them
[14:36:15] <@EB> [discord] <EpicKitty> Not the one I was looking for but It'll do